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US History - Online

Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson has been teaching APUSH since 2001. He has been a College Board consultant since 2014 and has served as a reader and table leader at the AP Reading since 2004. Karl's workshops focus on integrating technology and teaching to multiple intelligences to make APUSH fun for teachers and students alike. After four days in this summer institute you will learn how to mold your students into better writers and critical thinkers, improve your instructional practice, and improve the APUSH scores for your students.

This four-day summer institute will immerse participants in a wide range of study and skill- building to help students achieve a passing score on the AP Exam. This workshop will depend on collaboration and sharing of the participants as well as the expertise of the presenter to discover what went well over the past year, and find ways to make next year better for teachers and students alike.

Each day of the workshop will be devoted to in-depth examination of specific portions of the AP U.S. exam: historical thinking skills, the multiple choice exam, the short answer, and the essays (LEQ and DBQ). Interspersed throughout the four days will be both low-tech and hi-tech mini-lessons to engage the multiple intelligences of our young historians. Participants will learn how to effectively utilize cell phones as part of instruction, create online quizzes, build interactive notebooks and much, much more. Please bring a laptop or tablet with you for our tech lessons along with an active personal gmail account for sharing Google Docs. (You will need a personal Gmail account to access the Google Classroom used in this workshop. Sometimes district Gmail accounts restrict access to Google Classrooms outside the professional domain).

Because we learn best when we share our ideas, please be prepared to share a favorite lesson or teaching technique with your fellow participants. You will only have about 10-15 minutes to share your idea so don’t worry about “teaching” an entire lesson, just introducing it. If you have any materials to share electronically as part of your presentation that would be great!

The goal of this four-day workshop is for you to leave with more tools and ideas than you thought possible, and form a collective professional learning community on which to build a lasting relationship over time that will benefit you professionally and your students academically.

By attending an AP Summer Institute, you will: