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US History

George Henry

George Henry has taught AP United States History in the public and private schools in Salt Lake City Utah since 1985. He is currently on the faculty at East High School, and an Instructor in the Department of History, at the University of Utah. George has been a consultant for the College Board in AP U.S. History and served on numerous College Board Committees. He has been reading AP U.S. history exams since 1991. He was a member of the Social Studies Vertical Teams Development committee, and has been a contributing writer of the Special Topics for Social Studies Vertical Teams. George recently completed the 2010 edition of the AP Achiever Guide for Glencoe McGraw Hill and was a co author of the Teacher’s Edition of America’s History published by Bedford-St. Martin’s Press in 2014 Currently, George is serving as a College Board National Trainer. His most recent project is a joint partnership between the Salt Lake City Public Schools and the University of Utah, to teach AP U.S. History strategies to at risk students. George is currently working in the Granite School District in Salt Lake City as a teacher Intervention Specialist working as a teacher mentor for new and experienced Social Studies and AP teachers to improve their instructional practices. He recently celebrated his 43 year in the classroom.

2020 US History Agenda

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