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Chris Olsen

Chris is a past member (twice) of the AP Statistics Test Development Committee, and has served as a table leader and question leader for the AP Statistics exam for 13 years. He taught statistics at George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, IA, for over 25 years, and AP Statistics from its inception until 2005, when he passed the baton. He is now an assistant professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Grinnell College, teaching calculus and elementary statistics classes. He graduated from Iowa State University majoring in mathematics and philosophy, and in his graduate work concentrated on statistics, computer programming, psychometrics and test development.

He has been involved nationally in workshops and conferences mostly relating to statistics for over 30 years. He has reviewed materials for The Mathematics teacher, the AP Central web site, The American Statistician, and the Journal of the American Statistical Association, and is on the editorial panel of Teaching Statistics. He is a co-author, with Roxy Peck and Jay Devore, of the Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (POD), now in its 5th edition. He authored or edited the Teacher's Guide for Advanced Placement Statistics three Special Topics sections in AP Statistics summer workshop materials. In his spare (?) time he moderates the AP Statistics Teacher Community.

Current projects involve writing statistics programs to support the teaching of statistics in AP Statistics and AP Biology classes. You can email Chris at colsen@mchsi.com

2018 Statistics Agenda

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