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English Literature and Composition

Glenn Morgan

Glenn Morgan received his BA in English with honors in the Playwright Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1998. He then earned his CA CLAD Single Subject Teaching Credential, English (Clear) in 2002, and received his MA in British Literature at San Diego State University in 2005. He obtained an administrative services credential through the joint SDSU/SDUSD program in 2018. He’s been a National Board Certified Teacher since 2007. For a more detailed curriculum vitae, please visit his Linkedin profile.

In 2003, Glenn was selected as Teacher of the Year by his colleagues at ALBA (Alternative Learning for Behavior and Attitude) High, a community day school, where he taught for five years, before joining the founding faculty of Lincoln High in 2007. In 2012, he took his current position at La Jolla High, where he teaches AP Literature, American Literature and, starting in 2018, Journalism as advisor for the Hi-Tide. Additionally, Mr. Morgan has worked as an AP Workshop Consultant, AP Reader, AP Literature Standards committee member, and the College Board's national English Language Arts faculty. Since 2009, Mr. Morgan has had the pleasure to serve over 100 different districts and schools, from Hawaii to New York, in developing secondary ELA teachers' instruction and curriculum.

AP English Literature and Composition Distance APSI Course Description
This week we will explore the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition course and exam in depth. We will share our passion for imaginative prose and poetry with each other and discuss ways to best share that passion with our young students. We will participate in a mock essay calibration and scoring experience using a recent AP Lit exam and discuss methods for helping our students achieve the scores they desire. This course focuses on adapting lessons for our various learning communities as we encourage our students to grow in their close reading and critical analysis of texts. We will cover a range of genres and time periods and share how to best meet the needs of students in your classroom. We will investigate the use of visual, auditory, print and digital tools to enhance and inform our own classroom lessons. Distance Learning will be delivered both synchronously and asynchronously. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive individual feedback during virtual Office Hours.

Participants should have texts and materials they will utilize in their AP class available to them as they work to develop lesson plans and units aligned to the curriculum requirements and the AP* English Literature CED (Course and Exam Description). If you do not have a physical copy of the CED, worry not–I will post a pdf version in Google Classroom. These units of study will be shared out on Friday via DropBox.

Instruction will be delivered live, but most materials will be shared through Google Drive, so a laptop is required. Some of the materials may be best dealt with in printed form and these will be provided.


DAY ONE: 8:00 AM • Course overview • The AP Audit • Crafting a syllabus • Building an AP program • Dividing & Conquering the CED • AP Equity and Inclusion
1:00 PM • What did the poet say and how did the poet say it? • Sonnets and sonnets on sonnets

DAY TWO: 8:00 AM • DIfferentiated Instruction in the AP Classroom • Poetry and the Line of Reasoning • Ekphrasis poetry • Poetry with a sense of humor • Pairing poems with a purpose
1:00 PM • Evaluating the recently released poetry question

DAY THREE: 8:00 AM • What we talk about when we talk about fiction • The paper load! The paper load! • Annotation for life • Are you being sarcastic? Teaching humor in a humorless world
1:00 PM• Evaluating the recently released prose question

DAY FOUR: 8:00 AM • Building units from the ground up • Othello or Hamlet as major drama units • Invisible Man as a major prose unit • Preparing students for the open question • Multiple choice for multiple people
1:00 PM • Evaluating the recently released open question

DAY FIVE: 8:00 AM • Sharing units of study • The AP Classroom Online • No “best practices”: know your students • Questions and Answers • Next steps