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Bill Bond

For over 32 years, Bill was a teacher at Snohomish High School in Washington State where he taught Advanced Placement Chemistry and served as Science Department Chair. Bill received both his Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Science and Science Education from the University of Washington. He has written questions for the AP Chemistry exam as a member of the Test Development Committee, been a Table Leader and Reader (grader) of the AP Chemistry Exam and was the principal author of “A Teacher’s Guide to Advanced Placement Chemistry”—published by the College Board. Bill has won the Siemens Advanced Placement Award, was a Dreyfus Fellow with the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and has had his Chemistry research published in “Analytical Chemistry”. He has been a member of the Academic Council for the Western Region of the College Board and has served on the Development Committee for Advanced Placement Science Vertical Teams. Bill was selected as a National Leader in AP Chemistry for the College Board--responsible for the training and evaluation of new AP Chemistry presenters. In addition, he presents AP Chemistry at numerous Workshops and Institutes—both nationally and internationally. Most recently, Bill has been trained in the new AP Chemistry “Redesign” (2013) and “Reorganized” (2019) Curriculum and has written the chapter introductions for the new Chang AP Chemistry text. Currently, he is on the faculty of Bellevue College, Bellevue, Washington where he teaches General Chemistry to math and science majors.

2020 Chemistry Agenda

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